Custom Twitter App

This feature allows you to customize the share link of photos posted to Twitter from Sparkbooth using the Twitter, Guest Twitter, Guest Upload Chooser (when Twitter is selected), or any of the Twitter photo sharing service uploaders. You will need to use Sparkbooth 3.5 or later, and have a Commercial license to use this feature.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign into your Twitter account
  3. Click your account name in the upper right, and select My applications Create a Twitter account
  4. Click on the Create a new application button
  5. In the Create an application form, fill in the app's Name, Description, Website and Callback URL.
  6. The Website will be the url in the photo share link.
  7. The Callback URL set it to Create an application | Twitter Developers
  8. Agree to the Rules of The Road and fill in the CAPTCHA
  9. Click the Create your Twitter application
  10. After the app is created, click the Settings tab
  11. On the Settings page, scroll down to Application Type, change the Access to Read and Write, and click the Update this Twitter application's settings button Update the Application Type

Now you can configure Sparkbooth to use your Twitter app

  1. Click the Details tab, and copy both the Consumer key, Consumer secret, and Callback URL values from your Twitter app into Sparkbooth. Open Sparkbooth, and go to Settings > Commercial > Twitter Uploader, and paste the Key, Secret, and Callback URL into the form. Copy your Twitter app settings
  2. You are now ready to test your setup, press the Validate button and sign into your Twitter account, and authorize your Twitter app. Configure Sparkbooth Twitter Uploader Settings
  3. If you are successful testing the setup, the Twitter app should now be validated and all Twitter photo uploads from Sparkbooth will be done through your Twitter app. You can now Close the Settings dialog.


  • If after you sign in and authorize the app, you are stuck - it means there is a problem with your Callback URL. It is either redirecting or modifying the url. You need to choose a different url, ask your web developer to create a page that means the requirements in step 3 above.
  • Check that your Twitter app on has Read and Write access under the Settings tab.
  • Check that your computer's system clock is correct. All Twitter requests are signed with the current time, so if your time is off - the request will be invalid
  • For more information about creating Twitter apps, check out the documentation at