DSLR Camera Setup

Here are some tips for setting up your DSLR camera to work with Sparkbooth DSLR:

  • Connect the camera to the computer with an USB cable. Disable any wifi connection on the camera which will interfere with the USB connection
  • Set the image format to JPEG. You can decrease the quality/size of the JPEG for faster downloads
  • Set your camera to Manual mode (M on the dial) and Manual Focus (MF). This will allow your camera to take photos faster without having to refocus for each shot. Here is a good tutorial on how to setup your DSLR camera.
  • If you must use Auto Focus (AF), set the auto focus type to Quick mode to prevent focus lock issues.
  • Turn off "Auto Power Off" in your camera's menu settings
  • If you want LiveView, you may need to enable LiveView in your camera's menu settings
  • It is not recommended to have LiveView display all the time. This will overheat your camera and cause issues. Set a timeout so the LiveView will turn off after a short time, or enable the cover screen which will disable the LiveView in between sessions
  • Use a power adapter. Do not rely on the camera's battery especially if you are using LiveView.
  • NEVER power the camera by plugging the power supply into the computer's USB port. This is will cause USB ports to become de-powered and affect the connection to the camera.
  • Disable applications like the Canon EOS Utility from automatically connecting to the camera. Sparkbooth will not be able to connect to the camera if another application is connected.