Sparkbooth Setup Checklist

For your location setup:

  • Place a computer, webcam, and keyboard on a table in a well-lighted area. Don't forget a chair or stool.
  • Optional: Get a USB button to replace the keyboard.
  • Adjust webcam height to eye-level
  • Use a directional lamp or clamp lights to provide enough lighting.
  • Consider a plain, neutral background like a wall, screen, or curtains.
  • Create or buy a sign that points to where the photo booth is located. Or use this photo booth sign maker
  • Optional: For funny photos, include a basket of props like fake mustaches and silly hats next to the booth for guests to wear while taking pictures.
  • Bring an extension cord to provide electricity to your setup location. Also bring a roll of staging or duct tape to tape down the extension cord and prevent guests from tripping over the cord.

For your computer.

  • Turn off instant messaging, email, and other applications on the computer that may interfere. For Windows, check the system tray to other background applications.
  • Turn off the screensaver and power/energy saver options for your display.
  • Turn off any automatic system updates for your operating system. This will prevent downloads of large files in the background which will use up the CPU.

For Sparkbooth setup:

  • In Settings dialog under the User Controls tab, check "Hide buttons" to hide the buttons on the main screen to prevent guests from pressing settings buttons. It is also recommended to turn on the lock feature to prevent guests from exiting the application and getting into Settings.
  • Press "F" or F7 to put Sparkbooth into full screen mode
  • If you are using a printer, setup the Printer and Printing settings dialogs. Printer setup help for Windows and Mac
  • It is not recommend using the Print Photo output option for unattended use or if using a slow printer - due to printer jams.
  • If you are running Sparkbooth without an internet connection, it is recommended that you do a test run and reboot your computer disconnected from the internet, then start Sparkbooth. This will verify that your computer's system clock is good and you have a valid license. If you get a message that your license is invalid, please see these troublshooting tips

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