Keyboard Shortcuts

  • SPACE BAR, ENTER or click: Start photo session
  • Ctrl-1 or F1: Display settings and help dialog
  • Ctrl-2: Display start screen settings dialog
  • Ctrl-3 or F3: Display camera settings dialog
  • Ctrl-F or F7: Toggle fullscreen mode
  • ESC: Exit fullscreen mode
  • Crtl+K or Command+K: Change video color on start screen
  • Crtl+J or Command+J: Change photo layout on start screen
  • Ctrl+P or Command+P: Reprint last photo on start screen
  • Ctrl+L or Command+L: Toggle application lock/unlock
  • Ctrl+Z or Command+Z: Cancel photo session. Go to Settings > Options > Other to enable cancel feature
  • For prompt screens, select next or previous: left, right, page up, page down. Submit: enter

Note: On Mac, use the Apple key instead of ctrl key