Configure Printing of Strips

Sparkbooth can work with printers that have the ability to cut 4 x 6 prints into 2 x 6 duplicate strips. Here is how to configure both the printer and Sparkbooth:

First, you will need to setup the printer to cut the print by selecting the cut paper size

Using Pre-Made Strip

  1. In Sparkbooth, you will need to select or create a duplicate strip photo layout. Go to Settings (press ctrl-1 to display) > Photo Layouts.
  2. You can use one of the pre-made "Duplicate" photo layouts as shown below
  3. You can also go to the layout editor and enable "Display Split" for the photo layout. This will display and upload the single strip instead of the full photo layout with both strips.

Creating Custom Strip

  1. Go to Settings > Photo Layouts > Layout Editor (press the edit button)
  2. Click the Create photo layout button in the toolbar
  3. In the new layout dialog, it is recommended that you enable "Strip layout printed double" option
  4. The layout editor will display a single strip which you can add photo placeholders, images, text, and backgrounds onto. The layout will be displayed and upload as a single strip but will print as a duplicate strip photo layout with 2 strips side-by-side.