Getting Started With Sparkbooth - READ FIRST

Q? I want to use Sparkbooth software, what do I do?

1) First make sure that the computer(s) that you plan to use have the minimum
System Requirements that are listed at the bottom of the Home page
NOTE: the processor speed (Ghz) is most important for Premium version you need 2.0Ghz and for DSLR you need 2.5Ghz and it is suggested more than 4gb Ram (I recommend 8 GB)

2) If you pass #1... download the TRIAL version and test the software.
If after at least a week of testing, you are satisfied it is what you want...
feel free to post any questions here before making a purchase. -
NOTE: the Trial version has ALL the features of the Premium version
and many will not be available in the Personal version.
Review all the Features included with each version on the Buy Now page
WARNING: the Trial version will produce all photos with a watermark
that can never be removed , DO NOT use the Trial version for a real event/party.

3) Purchase the Sparkbooth version that meets your needs...
the Personal version is for Personal use only (Family & Friends events)
and is NOT to be used for business... EVER, it can and will be deactivated
without refunding... READ the End User License Agreement before purchase
The Premium version and the DSLR version can be used for business.
NOTE: Review all the Features included with each version on the Buy Now page

When you make a purchase of Sparkbooth, you are purchasing a License
and the Rights to Use the software... you do not own it... it is a license for use.
Most software is done as a license for use... the agreement you are subject to Read
and Agree to, states this information regarding License For Use.

Let us know if you have any questions at any time...
Before purchase and After... WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU

If you have a company that builds and sells Photo Booths and would like to
include Sparkbooth software... you MUST Read and Understand our RULES
post all questions here in our Help section under Private or send any direct emails

Sparkbooth Support Team