Customizing Photo Layouts With Sparkbooth 3

You can add background and/or overlay images to any photo layout in Sparkbooth. It is recommended to create a background or overlays with your favorite image editor using a template image of the layout (see Instructions below). Using an image editor, you can add and position any text, graphics or logos to the photo template.

Video Tutorials


  1. In Sparkbooth, open Settings.
    Press ctrl-1 or the settings button to open.
  2. Select Photo Layouts options
  3. Select a Photo Layout to customize.
    Use the arrow buttons or the drop down list
  4. Press Preview button to open the template image in default image viewer
  5. Save the template image from default image viewer.
    You will use this image as a template to customize your background image to ensure the background is the right size and you can use the colored photo boxes to position the your text and graphics correctly.
    For Windows, select File menu, then select Make Copy...
    For Mac, select File, then select Export...
    In the dialog that is displayed, enter the filename and select the folder you want the image to be saved.
  6. Open the template image in your favorite image editor.
    For this tutorial, we will use Paint since it comes with every Windows computer. See below for other recommended image editors.
  7. Use image editor's text tool for adding text to image
  8. To add graphic or logo to image, copy it into the clipboard.
    In Windows Explorer, open the folder with your graphic or logo image file. Right-click the image file, and select Open With... and Paint. In Paint, press ctrl-A to select the entire image. Then press ctrl-C to copy the image to the clipboard.
  9. Paste the graphic or logo onto template image.
    Switch back to the template image window and press ctrl-V to paste the graphic or logo. Now you can drag it into position or resize it with the handles.
  10. If layout has duplicate photos, copy and paste the custom text and graphics into the duplicate area.
    Use the Select tool to select the text and graphics, and press ctrl-C to copy. Then press ctrl-V to paste, and then drag into position.
  11. Erase colored photo boxes from template image.
    Select the boxes and press ctrl-X to cut them out.
  12. Save custom background image.
    Select File, then Save As.. to save background image as either JPEG or PNG image type.
  13. Add custom background to layout.
    Go back to Sparkbooth and press the attach background button to open the background image

And you are done!

The layout now has the customize background image with text and graphics. For more information, see the video of this tutorial